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  1. Amanda Jennifer

    We just dust on this earth, really small 😬

  2. Glenn Verdeyen

    That fist clip needed a. What the fuck is that private Pille 🤮🤮🤮

  3. ChuckBass

    Did I just see a male Mona Lisa?

  4. Travell and amazing videos

    😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 ---SMK🥰🚴🚴🚴

  5. Doasis 23D

    Fantastic to have these pets to hinder you a little 😂

  6. Sydney mady

    log compilation haha

  7. Blahblah Bluhbluh

    3:28 ill just sit here and cry a bit (true story)

  8. Ind Pol Com

    4:28 what was that ??

  9. Blahblah Bluhbluh

    0:25 that fence would have been stronger if it was made of paper :)

  10. J Martin

    Opening a GLASS wine bottle by smacking it... SHEESH!

  11. Ind Pol Com

    Inclined driveways suck.

  12. eregan

    Please remove the child hurting himself at 2:50. This is definately NOT fun.

  13. eregan


  14. mohsin m.s

    Who else watch 1st video more than 2 times

  15. The amazing Tattletale

    That's gonna take a while to clean up 🤣

  16. Ashvitha Ashvitha


  17. J Ochs

    0:52 The Eagle has landed!

  18. 安安梁


  19. Anthony Perez

    Why does it sound like woody 9:05

  20. mysterious diva

    why im stuck watching the groom being scared by getting kick by those horses,almost jump onto his bride's lap..well the bride is ready to protect him 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Klas Almqvist

    2:41 how it felt playing mw2 2012

  22. The 808

    5:24 bruh thats scary

  23. Jim Y

    03:00 mother of the year candidate.

  24. Kacper Klimek

    5:52 sad

  25. Matais Spohn

    1:13 Didn't know praying mantises were barking before they attacked.

  26. Yashraj ECOHISPS 114

    When the sponsoring company is Tide then u gotta come up with this all fails😂😂

  27. Brad

    The videos are funny but OMG how do these people get so FAT!

  28. Mark Angus

    You good Dave?

  29. Aaron Walderslade

    0:14 This is how most cyclists are killed in London

  30. BillieJo Austin

    4:47 : THEY SEE ME ROLLING And/or: wEe

  31. BillieJo Austin


  32. surfinghotdog mortal Kombat 11

    Bruh that ATV fail got me laughing tears

  33. Apex Predator

    2:11 she sounds like Ronald McDonald from RakaRaka

  34. Misadventuring Off-Grid

    Anyone who literally says "OMG" outloud should not have procreated

  35. Rich Jake

    0:08 Marry her, buy her a car, a house, anything she wants. This is who you want to live with for the rest of your life. Adorable.

  36. Pierre Fowler

    Face masks are not that bad.

  37. L Mendoza

    Oh man ! l failed onthe very first twice!🤣🤣

  38. Mesfin Adugna

    It means that There is always one who films

  39. UnTentetive

    Really this workout is so hard no human can do it 👍 that showed in 4:10 🔥

  40. ʟɪғᴇ ɢᴏᴇs ᴏɴ !

    50 states ?? at Malaysia we just have 14 states...because our country small

  41. Mel Guyot

    Merci à toutes ces femmes pour ces bons moments 😊

  42. StuardGaming pm

    Minuto 40:00 empesesando a echar el polvito minuto 47:00 agarrando fuerza en el polvito

  43. Lee Motosuwa

    1° video: right in the pirikita

  44. Nick Moozy

    Not watching these vids to see people wearing face diapers.

  45. lillywithfriends Whitney

    5:56 sonic sfm fail (video called: Sonic Gets Door Slammed [SFM Fails])

  46. Оксана Бабишева


  47. G r a h a m

    Can't use s can opener? Hope she can say "do you want frys with that"

  48. Smack 2

    Stupid ass flip cup dude.


    Why did they cut the tree like that anyway, you cut a bit at a time till it's not that tall.

  50. Reeve Das

    1:30 is op😂😂

  51. Richie Rich

    @ 17:14 You have got to be kidding me! i bet their Justin Bieber tickets... What is wrong with people to act like that? Seriously, she has got to be mental to act like that over tickets omg! How has she been brought up to even act like that! :/ I can't believe i live on the same planet as that mess....

  52. Rajesh Gupta

    They are not worst friends they are best friends.

  53. Rahimo !

    Bonfire next big token 🚀🚀

  54. Joshua

    The dude who filmed his friend fall in a ice lake and not helped should be charged....

  55. Sarthak cJ

    Legendary sound release time 1:02

  56. Daniel Häusser

    The autogenerated captions say music when farted. 🤣

  57. Christine Sell

    The horse smiles after he farts.

  58. payline cralame

    Since I'm on mobile some random games pop up and a anime sim game appeared :/

  59. Bedford

    10:08 😂🤣

  60. payline cralame

    This is why you should never bring a laptop surfing because if the laptop dies you die

  61. Andrew Kipz

    Stupid guys

  62. Joyce 31202

    Garbage-can train 🚆

  63. Joyce 31202

    Poor fish flying through the air as the air hits a wave!

  64. DP Z

    More proof that stupid people make dumb babies. 👌

  65. DeadshotGaming28

    7:30 At least it was a girl!

  66. tako cat

    02:07 look a slime playing golf !!! :V

  67. Shin BB

    0:03 what the hell...🤭

  68. Spectral Eevee

    4:59 insert splatoon joke

  69. TheyLuvChrome

    So we ain’t gonna talk abt number 16

  70. dragongeraldb

    Great mix

  71. Co2112

    The tree guy is the biggest idiot I have ever seen foot sure.

  72. ked4

    3:04 the abrupt *AOOW*