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  1. Olim Pather

    5:45 My heart.

  2. Haruno9Aarex

    ahh what is this happiness I'm feeling after watching this...

  3. armadildo

    6:03 hahaha

  4. Fran, Mc Ghee and Family

    hoola Girl @7:28 destroys everything

  5. Tsichlaki Areti

    You found something from greece well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. blaster 666

    The whole video is being recycled

  7. Dack

    Déjà vu

  8. Boki Boi

    This reminds me how single i am!

  9. Darwin Chun Sic

    I liked the 3rd one

  10. Jasix

    Oh look another video comprised of videos you have already put on your chan... shocker. Remember when FA used to actually put out NEW content... yeah me too.

  11. Marcos Murad

    I liked the part where they took off the vandals with the unicycle. Thumbs up!

  12. Renan Castelo Branco

    Tem mais gente burra no mundo do que eu imaginei

  13. kiko gaming

    0.44 guy in lime almost died

  14. Wu Wei

    0:45 Gimmi a sign!

  15. Mohd Halim Amat

    Caused by their own stupidity

  16. Joris Silverans

    All guns should point at the shooter using them. This world would be a better place



  18. gzuz ru

    quality > quantity

  19. TheMonster0415

    3:24 fuck off Karen

  20. Christover Kent Wijaya

    Fun fact: u are watching in 2021

  21. Firstname Lastname

    Can't believe Christmas is over already. That was the shortest Christmas I have ever experienced. =(

  22. The mountain biking Penguin

    Some people are beaten by kids?

  23. MaxOnMaxxer90

    The recycling is getting out of hand. After being around since the beginning it’s time to unsub.

  24. SirenHead

    The guy that broke his piano cracked me up, I would be embarrassed as fuck if I did that😂

  25. Michael De Santa

    The guy with the skido 😂😂😂 a way to slow what was he thinking 😂😂

  26. дракон Семаргл

    Всё старьё, ничего нового.

  27. Yuhang Zhou

    5:00 I thought he was gonna get hit by a car.

  28. Andre1

    These are not bad days, these are just stupid people, all of them. Every single thing they did, they didnt think about it first. Its just a bunch of people with low iq, there is no apology for them.

  29. johnnyboy

    #22 is an asshole for kicking that raccoon, share man

  30. Enoh79

    0:49 😂😂😂

  31. D P

    Haven't you just put the exact same video out again 🤬🤬🤬

  32. Steve


  33. Steve

    This channel is about 5 months behind on videos lol. Kinda sad.

  34. der waechter

    Langsam auch nix neues mehr...

  35. Drechsel Jérémy


  36. Linn Soltwedel

    I have seen the before? REuåøpad`

  37. Игорь Панарин

    Причём здесь хреновый день если это сборище дебилов...

  38. Adrian Cuervo

    Hi, It's possible for future videos to remove de irrelevant text overlaped? Thank you.

  39. undersky

    Feels like I had already seen almost all of these. Real bummer

  40. beeorganic

    "Wow, all new videos I've never seen before!"... said by no one.

  41. LuisSD stuff

    It's all the same videos. Can't you guys get new ones?

  42. Erdemo Demirelo

    1:34 CoD Zombies be like

  43. JCR Creations

    Bro I’m glad that guy drops his phone at 1:16. Dude, get off your phone, enjoy the damn view!!!

  44. Очола Очалл


  45. Matyas John

    Half of those videos I've seen like hundred times.

  46. Venkat Shankar

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  47. Michal Laktiš

    This should be called "stupid people from whom i've got cancer"

  48. Ti Panjo

    1:04 και το είπε ο άτιμος 😂😂

  49. Raiin

    Can we please stop the annoying music and SFX? We want to enjoy the fails and not hear bad sound effects. :I

  50. EddiE8DarKnight

    7 years of bad luck on top of that with the first clip 😂😅

  51. B Dayapraar

    I bought a Jeep.

  52. RedWolf 77

    5:10 weel it was

  53. Shawsie 57

    Some oldies in here

  54. Marko

    Stop with the annoying effects and music. It doesn't make reposting a clip any better.

  55. Evilwhiteclownpunk

    FailArmy forgot to blur the newdity... (3:36)...

  56. tziodim

    Malaka kai na pesei to kinito !! O gios tou mitsotaki


    1:19 fail from Czech

  58. shags shag

    90% already seen


    3:23 thats a lot of damage!!!!!!

  60. BamBam Nutella

    Best of 2019? 🤔😜

  61. jammychap

    That last one is one of the funniest I've seen lol

  62. Riccardo Massa

    Am I a bad person if I don't pity any of them?

  63. SSHHABBA 1234

    I had a bad day “ fail army content creator “

  64. Megan Cooke

    I hate people that take their phones onto rollercoasters. It's so dumb and I don't want to be hit it the head when they fumble it.

  65. Failarious

    So stupid hahaha 5:45

  66. Failarious

    funny fails videos make my day hahahaha 14:32

  67. Sandalssuck

    Lol at drunk asian guy at the piano

  68. Sandalssuck

    Lambo guy is fucked. He destroyed that car as well as 3 others. While Speeding. His license is gone. That girl he was trying to impress will dump him and he will have to buy new cars for all those people as well as fix his own (foreign cars are impossible to fix). He’s so fucked.

  69. Jody Marie Doherty

    😂🤣🥲😅 That poor little chubster Doggy.... ‘I see you rocking but you can’t come in’ 🎶

  70. JJJ

    4:03 the last thing you see before you die

  71. D W

    You would think that failarmy would pick up on the fact that every video they post receives the same comments all the time and actually do something about the fact that their video are the same repeated crap as all their other videos

  72. 38kan

    Stop uploading same vids omg

  73. Mathew john Peronce


  74. SparkingJin

    A lot of recycled videos. Adios

  75. Sinister General

    6:06 Bruh, that is just dumb.. What did you expect?

  76. Pets Awesome

    I love your video so much😂

  77. dakkuri1

    The guy at the beginning of the vid has a lot of bad luck coming his way.

  78. Максим Астахов

    Переживаю за дронов как за самого себя)

  79. Maidenlord 666

    I've seen every one of these about four to six times already quit recycling the same videos you're going to make people quit watching

  80. Boki Boi

    7:12 How many times did i see this clip with the camera so many times...