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  1. Chris H

    great shorts you whimp...LOL

  2. Loretta Richards

    1:15 wow, that's not funny that's self harm, HOW THE FLIP IS HE GONNA GET THEM OFF

  3. Kelsea Nova

    The weed was funny

  4. Mayhem Lamb

    Fail #14 what's that song?

  5. The Goob

    9:25 how bad of a parent can you be?

  6. Jamaican King

    Man vs nature 😭


    Im from Oregon, but why did you skip "I" or Illinois... Because "I" am an Idiot...


    2:12 ....🤔? .....🤔Driver: does ANYone else hear that? Sleeping Family: Its just loud Russian can opener...are we there yet?

  9. Abhinav Antin

    340 hat's a gud one

  10. Bob Watters

    14:23 that little kid hit that ball so hard into his dad's face lmao. I'm dying, he's couldn't have hit it harder if it was on a tee.

  11. Jalbiin Dolcheey

    Don't go around kicking buckets or you you may end up kicking the bucket.

  12. karma knight7

    5:41 thats gay af

  13. Somwrt Lftur

    5:43. I'd like to gouge my eyes out.

  14. Brah, Trumpwon,bigly

    5:41 What is this ghey shit?

  15. Coolguy_4578

    3:47 kids gonna have ptsd of chairs for the rest of his life

  16. CaRrIe 4TwIn E

    Sbit particles in the singing girl lmao

  17. CaRrIe 4TwIn E


  18. Coot Ingram

    So many things wrong with the pole dancer 🤮

  19. metero92

    Bruh the dude at 6:00 said for sure psssh its a big rat behind u xD burh like why are they screaiming like its a rat or ugly animal dafuq so lucky to walk in to a deer who wants pats????

  20. muhammad rasya asyari

    She dont know how to cheese 5:17

  21. yogibearstie

    I find the ruining of food disturbing and not funny.

  22. Charlie Calvin


  23. damianleo07

    5:46 clash of balls 2

  24. Dr Choe

    not funny

  25. Stiles

    These added sound effects have me rollllling.

  26. ronaldo cordeiro dos santos


  27. Aisha with an Eye

    The ones where people pass out are hilarious. It's like they wake back up, but to a nightmare.

  28. nandiny Nair

    The video at 7.09... Photographer guy: OMG I need to help.... Wait a minute.... I should take a picture of her most memorable moment..... 🤣🤣🤣

  29. ronaldo cordeiro dos santos


  30. Cayman Almodovar

    What’s the name of this song? 4:37

  31. muhammad rasya asyari


  32. Fadoli Doli


  33. Jackie Boy

    2:59 Uhhhh does that dude filming not realize how lucky he was? That tree saved his life

  34. Silvia Capell


  35. Milk Yard

    The real reason construction workers wear sunglasses is to hide their tears when they get hurt 💪

  36. True Master of The force

    Some people just gotta take a chill pill 🤣

  37. GSxxxRGirl

    Poor guy just got up and put on some warm clothes, cozy slippers, and poured some fresh coffee, all in order the fight the cold when he goes out to get his newspaper. Proceeds to lose full cup of coffee, slippers, and gets clothes wet while sliding down the driveway to get said newspaper. Yikes XD

  38. Luthiers Daughter

    That was fucking funny! Thanks, I needed that!


    5:21 KURWA? Witaj Polsko <3

  40. 347. Acey

    4:08 get it ig 🤣

  41. Lauren Fisher

    0:55 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the car tipping is hilarious

  42. Alden Crabb

    That fish running away on land from that alligator was amazing natural wildlife filmography! The woman should submit her work to National Geographic, they would give her a job in the field for sure!

  43. 347. Acey

    2:20 dont give up yet bud 👀🤣

  44. Jimmy Olano

    0:46 Solo en Rusia...

  45. Never MInd

    It's quite amazing that evolution has allowed to these idiots to become offspring. Which makes me question the parents genetic stock!!

  46. Never MInd


  47. Ironwind1972

    1:02 me playing Snow Runner when I'm 100 meters from my destination.

  48. Scott Stevens

    0:39 what a dumb ass

  49. Howard Swing

    bunch of dumb ass

  50. Reggie Lee

    9:24 I bet this kid is in counseling now about her twin sister who body slammed her then deserted the family.

  51. fuck your bitch

    failed assassination adtempt 7:01

  52. Bacchus LAX

    I’ll tell you what will piss off the TV guy. When he’s driving on his way home from work and remembers there’s no TV

  53. XxFlowybro

    11:29 well damn I've never seen someone juke a bear

  54. Alpha wolwert


  55. Rick Prusak

    7:28 Listen Son, you shuda rented a moving truck, or called one of your friend's with a pickup. This is gonna end not so well.

  56. Valkota

    1:08 when an animal does that, you can't help but laugh at the person, but if a guy does that, sexual assault charges and a slap in the face lol

  57. yannick388

    6:17 scooby

  58. Rick Prusak

    6:54 BOBBY - How many times I told you: NO BALL PLAYING IN THE HOUSE?

  59. Rick Prusak

    6:33 Here's a future Magician destined to appear in Las Vegas. Bullwinkle sez: Hey Rocky - Watch me make my cellphone disappear. Now for my next trick, I'm gonna pull out a wad of money out of my pocket to pay for that cellphone that I made disappear before your eyes and mine. But honestly folks, I would have better luck pulling a Rabbit out if my pocket, than a wad of moola.

  60. Rick Prusak

    6:19 Johnny, Why you gotta ALWAYS find a way to embarrass me in public? CAN'T you take out the garbage can like an intelligent human being - ONCE in a while? Now the neighbor's will think you drink too much, and that you are too drunk to wheel the garbage can down the driveway sensibly.

  61. Yeyahiya Md


  62. Nicholas Pecunia

    Thought the ball was going to hit me in the face I swear 1:02

  63. ronaldo cordeiro dos santos


  64. Rick Prusak

    4:55 HEY MA, I don't need a water pump, or a garden hose to drain the pool. The neighbor's are on vacation, so I'll get the job done quicker by using this sledge hammer. Their backyard will be dry by the time they get back - and we'll have a brand new, and BIGGER pool this summer.

  65. Rick Prusak

    4:53 HEY... Your truck realized you missed a delivery way back there at the beginning of the block. Don't wanna get fired for not doing your job correctly - do ya???

  66. Rick Prusak

    4:24 Here's a Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townsend Guitar School dropout performing at a garage concert sound check.

  67. Rick Prusak

    3:32 Well, that's one easy way to move out of this apartment quicker, before we got evicted. Now we can take advantage of the furniture sale at the Art Van, or Gartner White store near the homeless shelter.

  68. Rick Prusak

    3:07 Ya don't use battery acid to bleach blond your hair, you big dummy. Now you need Rogaine.

  69. Rick Prusak

    2:44 Shuda used a snow shovel, you dumb & lazy bastard. Because of this, and the damage you caused, your Dad & Mom is gonna put you up for adoption right away. I hear the phone number to the State adoption agency being dialed right now, as you lay there under all that snow.

  70. Autumn Desolation

    Guy with water pistol and air horn is utterly obnoxious

  71. Lucky3 A

    i love it so much

  72. Kathy Childress

    The person fishing in gator territory is a jerk for being surprised

  73. Rick Prusak

    2:31 Fred Sanford sez: YOU BIG DUMMY - Righty tighty, Lefty loosy. If it ain't broke - don't fix it. Well you big Dupa, you broke it - you bought it.

  74. Rick Prusak

    2:20 Here is a glaring example that white guy's can't jump, but real fat white guy's can't jump either.

  75. Rick Prusak

    1:46 Teddy... How many times have I told you - NO MOTORCYCLE RIDING IN THE HOUSE.... If you don't know how to properly & safely operate it on the streets or sidewalks, THEN DON'T BUY IT. Young man, the new Windows are coming out of your allowance & your paper boy route money. You're grounded from even sitting on your motorcycle for 6 month's. Don't give me any backtalk.